Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winner of Week 4 Pumpkin Theme!

First place goes to Jessica Langlois! This shot was such a unique photograph.  Capturing the chipmunk and the pumpkin!! Crazy!  I think she must have a great zoom lens or a Harry Potter Invisibility cloak to have gotten this shot! Check out her blog for more of her great photographs! Jessica's Blog Link!
Jessica Langlois's Definitely captured a great moment!

Second place goes to this beautiful baby by Andrea Webber Peavy!  Andrea did a fantastic job with a creative shot using this weeks theme, Pumpkins!

Third place goes to Holly Ann Jackson!  Holly captured an amazing and beautiful photo in a pumpkin patch.  This photograph is absolutely beautiful!

Check out all of the other great entries and the photographers that submitted them on my fan page!


  1. OMG! Thanks so much!! There were some beautiful shots, so I am honored.

  2. Your welcome! It was a great shot!