Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Theme Winners!

Summer Theme Click It Forward Contest winners are....

In first place we have, Mike Anderson.  His photo caught our attention with the emotion of pure happiness in his photo! 

In Second place we have, Rich Ngo.  His photo is beautiful and we feel captures the landscape of what summer is all about!

In Third place we have, Patty Jasso.  This is a beautiful photograph of her daughter and father, makes us go back to our childhood memories of visiting our grandparents when we were young :)
Patty has a fan page too, so don't forget to check her out!

Thank-you to everyone that joined in on our summer theme photo contest!  All the entries were fantastic! 


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Theme 7: Summer!

This Months Theme will be summer!  Show us your summer theme photographs by posting them on our Facebook wall or in your blog and posting your blog link to our facebook wall! 

The winners will be announced in a few weeks so good luck :)

Here is one of my favorite summer photos!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winners for week 6 Love theme!

I know this is coming a bit late (sorry guys, being a full time grad student, mom, wife, and employee gets me a little side tracked  :) ).  But here are the winners for our love theme!!

Congrats to our first place winner, Sarah Hughes!  Her photo shows off our love theme perfectly!  The subtle smiles almost makes me hear the giggles coming from the photo as I look at it.  Sarah said that it was one of her favorite shoots as she could just feel how much they loved each other :)

Our second place winner is Dani Law.  Dani's beautiful photo shows the love of a father and is absolutely beautiful! I just love the look in Dani's sons face and her husbands gaze up to his son!

Our Third place winner is Jessica Langlois. Jessica said this is her husband and step son and you can see the love written in his smile all the way to the grip of his hand in the hug...wonderful!

Please congratulate our winners on our facebook page! And to the winners, don't forget to grab your award code from the tab at the top of our blog!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week 6: Photo Contest Theme: Family, Friends, Love

Lets show off our family, friends, and/or loved ones with our favorite photos of them (This includes our pets if you want!)  So pick one or two (if you can't decide on just one) photos that represents family, friends, and/or love and post it to our facebook fan page wall!

We will announce the winner in a few weeks!  Good luck!  We can't wait to see all your photos!!

Here is one of my favorite family, friends, love photos; it is a photo from my brother in-law's wedding... Justus and his beautiful wife Brandie.

Winners for Week 5 Photo: Theme Your Favorite Photo

We are announcing the last theme of "Your Favorite Photo" from our FaceBook Fan Page!

First Place goes to:
Jeanine Militello!  She submitted this amazingly beautiful photo that is just too precious!  This photo captured such a peaceful and loving feeling in it.  Great Capture!

Second Place goes to: 
Roxie B Photos, she said she was late to work because she had to stop to get this photo!  We are glad she did, because it is amazing! 

Third Place goes to: 
Andrea Webber Peavy, This photo and young lady are beautiful!  Beautiful lighting, composition and eyes!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 5 Photo Contest Theme! Your Favorite Photo...

This weeks theme is......your favorite photo!  I know this can sometimes be hard to choose just one, so our fans can post two photos this week if they can't decide on "the one." Go over to our fan page on facebook and post your photo to our wall to enter and I will announce the winner in two weeks!  You can either post a link to your blog on our wall or just submit it using the icon on our wall that looks like a picture.

This one is one of my favorite photographs...My daughter Ariana.

I can't wait to see all of your favorite photos!  Good luck!

Winner of Week 4 Pumpkin Theme!

First place goes to Jessica Langlois! This shot was such a unique photograph.  Capturing the chipmunk and the pumpkin!! Crazy!  I think she must have a great zoom lens or a Harry Potter Invisibility cloak to have gotten this shot! Check out her blog for more of her great photographs! Jessica's Blog Link!
Jessica Langlois's Definitely captured a great moment!

Second place goes to this beautiful baby by Andrea Webber Peavy!  Andrea did a fantastic job with a creative shot using this weeks theme, Pumpkins!

Third place goes to Holly Ann Jackson!  Holly captured an amazing and beautiful photo in a pumpkin patch.  This photograph is absolutely beautiful!

Check out all of the other great entries and the photographers that submitted them on my fan page!