How it works

When a theme is posted,you can enter your picture by entering the link from your blog on our Facebook Fan Page and post your photo to the wall of the fan page;  When posting put to your photo entry and that weeks theme.

Facebook Fan Page Method: Go to our fan page at and attach your photo by clicking on the picture icon (this is right under where you would write a comment on the wall).  Be sure to put in your entry on either the comment section or description of the photo, the link back to this blog by writing and put that weeks theme.

What if your photo doesn't attach?  Then there are a couple of things that I have seen: the first one is that you may need to click on "Just Others" to see post by fans.  If you still don't see it try going to the photo tab and looking under the photos submitted by fans and see if it is there.  If it still doesn't attach, try a different method like the one listed below.  (If you have a link to your photo just post the link).

Blog entry method: This can be done by entering in your URL from your entry post from your blog, or by setting up a free account on and posting your photo's URL to the fan page wall ( Make sure when using a blog, you use the html code or to link back to this website in your entry AND only link the post not the blog itself or it will not qualify as an entry. This is done by clicking on the title of your blog post and copying and pasting the URL from that post.

Link back to this blog by using the html code in your post by using the "edit html" or just ad the link

<a href="" title="Click it Forward"><img src="" width="244" height="162" alt="" /></a>

Which will look like this